Learn how to make Chocolate Garnishes at home and decorate your favorite cakes in your style.

Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate pastry, cupcakes … these sound so sinful and indulging. They look even more tempting when they are garnished in just the right way. Chef Shantanu Gupte is up with this wonderful recipe of making delicious chocolate garnishes.


white compound chocolate
dark compound chocolate
plastic sheets (OHP sheets)
parchment paper


– Melt both, the white chocolate and the dark chocolate for about 40 seconds in the microwave on medium heat.
– Take a plastic (OHP) sheet and cut it into two halves.
– Take a parchment paper and make a cone out of it.
– Pour the white chocolate in the cone and fold the cone.
– Cut the tip of the piping bag (cone) and start making designs of your choice on the plastic (OHP) sheets.
– We have used three sheets for three different designs. The number of sheets is your choice depending on how many garnishes you would like to make.
– Then pour the melted dark chocolate over the plastic sheets on which you previously made designs with the melted white chocolate.
– Take a palette knife and spread the dark chocolate evenly over the white chocolate and keep it aside for a few seconds to solidify.
– Cut the sheets lengthwise and then into squares, making sure that you are not applying pressure on the knife while cutting the sheet so that the sheet doesn’t tear.
– If your sheet becomes too hard and you are unable to twist it, you may leave the sheet near an oven so that it gets a little heat and becomes soft enough to twist.
– Take one of the sheets and roll it.
– Then keep all the three sheets in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes so that they solidify and leave the sheet.
– Remove the sheets out of the refrigerator and carefully separate the sheet from the chocolate.
– Your chocolate garnishes are ready.
– You may store them in an air tight container for about 6 months and use them to garnish multiple dishes like cakes, puddings, etc.

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