Learn how to make Layered Chocolate Truffle Cake at home with chef Shantanu.

Are you a fervent chocoholic? If yes, then this tender, delectable layered chocolate truffle cake is just the right thing for you. Chef Shantanu Gupte is up with this cake recipe whose ganache glaze and fabulous truffle layering is just so worth the indulgence.


For cake:
1/2 kg. eggless chocolate sponge
cinnamon flavoured sugar syrup
hot water
chocolate truffle

For garnish:
solidified chocolate garnishes
coloured sprinkles


For cake:

– Place the chocolate sponge on a turn table and divide it into three layers with the help of a serrated knife.
– Place the base layer on the table and spray the cinnamon flavoured sugar syrup over it.
– Take a generous quantity of the chocolate truffle and add it on the base layer of the chocolate sponge.
– Dip the serrated knife in hot water and use it to spread the chocolate truffle evenly over the layer.
– Take the top layer of the chocolate sponge (slightly roundish in shape) and place it on the base layer.
– Spray the layer with the cinnamon flavoured sugar syrup.
– Spread the chocolate truffle evenly over this layer. Also, spread the chocolate truffle around the cake.
– Place the third layer on the cake (originally the middle layer of the sponge) and repeat the same procedure of spraying the sugar syrup and spreading the chocolate truffle over it.
– Spread the truffle evenly at the centre as well as around the cake.
– Keep the layered cake in the refrigerator for about five 5 minutes.
– Melt the leftover truffle in a microwave for about 30 seconds.
– Pour the warm truffle on the layered chocolate cake and spread it evenly.
– Keep the cake in the refrigerator again for about 1-2 minutes.
– Take a disposable piping bag and put a star nozzle into it.
– Pour the previously used thick truffle into the piping bag and add a nice swirl over the cake and around the edges.

For garnish:

– Use solidified chocolate garnishes to garnish the chocolate truffle cake. (For recipe, click here – http://goo.gl/cuqdW9 )
– Also add some coloured sprinkles to garnish the cake.

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