Learn how to boil eggs perfectly with Chef Varun Inamdar on Get Curried.

Egg is everyone’s favorite breakfast preparation, however, it is one of the most tricky ingredients to cook. Today Chef Varun Inamdar is going to show you various stages of boiling. Do give it a try and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

12 Eggs

Method of preparation:
In a vessel, add water, eggs, salt and let the water start bubbling on high flame undisturbed.
Once the water begins to roll boil start the timer and start removing eggs two eggs at a time gap of 1 min, 2 min, 4 min, 6 min, 8 min, 1 at 10th min and 1 at 14th min respectively.
Remove the shells, carefully at room temperature.
Start cutting them to check the doneness from within.

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Host: Varun Inamdar
Director: Chirag Mehta
Camera: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Bhushan Shivangekar, Abhishek Deshmukh, Shirin Shinde
Editor: Ravi Varma
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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